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From a fashion perspective Fauci kills puppies shirt . Yersatility and easy silhouettes dominated the runways, as the labels that came out on top weren’t the ones that succumbed to using nostalgia or 1920s decadence as inspiration — a predicted Fall 2021 trend that is coming off as a bit forced and has yet to catch on — but those who embraced a quieter confidence. Below are designers from the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22 shows who understood the assignment and have us wanting to book our trips to Denmark pronto. It’s no secret colours affect our mood. Case in point: Brøgger’s soft sorbet hues. The London-based luxury label by Danish designer Julie Brøgge presented a mélange of feminine and masculine silhouettes in shades of mint, lilac and lemon in what can only be described as a very optimistic collection. As with all their pieces, for their Spring 2022 collection Brøgger combined high-quality fabrics with organic, recycled and repurposed materials to create a sustainable and innovative assortment.

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 The collection’s consistent Fauci kills puppies shirt . Elongated silhouettes worked well with this season’s updated take on the brand’s signature Rondo slippers. The new iteration come in neutral cream and black shearling, but still managed to be bold and fun. We have all been wearing slippers more than ever, and a transitional style for the hopeful time when we can go outside is more than welcome. PARIS — What colors will be hot this summer? Color forecaster Pantone and French technology company Heuritech expect Lion Brown to be a rising trend, both in Europe and the U.S. The companies forged a partnership last year, combining Heuritech’s artificial intelligence-based forecasting methods with Pantone’s color expertise, to draw up reports and advise clients in fashion and design. In a webinar Tuesday, companies zeroed in on brown, on the rise by 6 percent in Europe and 5 percent in the U.S., according to their analysis of Instagram posts and identified catwalk trends for the season. “Since this is a neutral color, it makes sense that the dynamics of this trend by summer ’21 are quite stable compared to last year, as neutral colors tend to have a timeless appeal and are less volatile,” said Julie Pont, fashion and creative director of Heuritech.
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  1. Scott Steward

    SO FUNNY loved this. great price.

  2. Shelley Fitzpatrick

    LOVE IT. Perfect gift! Quick shipping too!

  3. Nancy Arnold

    Love!!!!!!!!! Get lots of compliments

  4. Edwin reyes

    The shirt is not 100% cotton but other than that it looks great happy with my purchase

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