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It’s no secret that . Harry Styles knows how to dress. Whether he’s on the red carpet, performing on stage, or simply walking around town, the singer has a distinctive personal style of his own. It’s well-documented that he’s partial to feather boas, groovy suits, and how could anyone forget the custom Gucci dress he donned on his Vogue cover? Yesterday, however, Styles was spotted in Sherman Oaks, California with a brand new fashion proposal: He rocked the preppy over-the-shoulder sweater, and in a way only he can.

, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Classic Men's
Classic Men’s
 In elevated casual wear, Styles stepped out in ripped jeans and a graphic tee with a light blue sweater nonchalantly slung over his shoulders . The knit wasn’t tied tightly around the neck in the style of, say, a frequent country club-goer. Rather, it was barely tied at all—as though Styles flung it over his shoulders before walking out the door in a rush. The end result looked cool yet elegant. His checkered Vans sneakers also made the drapey sweater moment feel youthful and not like how your grandpa would wear it. (Though, if Styles leaned into granddad style, something tells us he would still somehow pull it off.) So, the next time you want to bring a sweater out in case it gets cold later, remember to do it like Styles: Just throw it over the shoulder, then head on out the door. Don’t overthink it or fuss with it too much—it’s the rockstar way. Soon after leaving her house, Ziayee was stopped and questioned by two men, who she later realized were members of the Taliban. They asked her why she wasn’t wearing a burka (a traditional modesty veil that drapes over the head and down to the ankles), why she was not accompanied by a man from her family, and what she was doing walking on the street. Then, they got violent. “They lashed at my back twice, and I ran,” she recalls. “I saw a taxi driver stop for me, and I just got into the taxi and was crying the whole time. The taxi driver said, ‘I saw those men lash you and I felt so bad. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything for you, but I can take you home.’” She cried for days after that.
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  1. Anonymous

    I had previously ordered these Hanes undershirts. I use them as lightweight sweatshirts. I just wanted four more. When I got them, I was in a rush to include them in the day’s wash so I quickly unpacked them and put them in the wash. It was only after they were washed that I noticed there were no Hanes labels on the undershirts and that they were one size smaller then ordered. Therefore, I have no idea if these shirts came from Hanes or not. I’m not returning the shirt. The weight and general fit is fine. Even though I ordered a 2X and got a 1X, it’s still roomy enough for me to use. I just want to know if these are Hanes or not?

  2. Anonymous

    Bought size small for my son who is 13 and has Autism. I had him try it on and he disliked the cuffs of the sleeves. He has thin skinny wrists but it was bothersome to him so I cut it off and sewed it for him. The tags also are easy to rip off on the neck line which it nice. They are 100% cotton so I’m just going to assume they will shrink a bit but that’s why I bought these instead of children sizes.

  3. Anonymous

    As others have said it shrinks in the wash so I ordered a size up and it fits quite well now. The seam on the sleeves are thick/mildly irritating and it’s more noticeable with a sweater/coat. Material is a bit rough compared to other shirts, maybe it’ll soften up with subsequent washes. The collar tags are stiff and irritating but rip off very easily without damaging the stitching at all. But hey, if you’re looking for some decent shirts for cheap this is hard to beat.

  4. Anonymous

    I bought these for a medium-sized tall (6’3) young man: they fit him perfectly, and he loves the soft fabric that’s good to wear all day. The length is right: down to about mid-hip, so enough to tuck in when desired, but not too hanging down too much when untucked. The cut and finish is excellent, especially considering the relatively low price of these shirts. I’d certainly consider these if I wanted plain tshirts for myself or someone else. One person found this helpful

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